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It all started with iPhone 4S, the year was 2011 when I had my very first Apple product. It was a cool phone, very small and capable of performing several task. iPhone 4S became my companion, from waking in the morning, until dawn. It's a very useful masterpiece and and it won't missed my hands, not until the day I accidentally drop the device and obtained some minor issues on it. The drop didn't resulted to any internal damages but only on the physical, and  was a bit annoyed with the 'scratches'. Realizing that I need to find a good protective case, I had to look for a terrific case,- a case that would astound whatever is available in the market -and it was a success, I was able to find a bunch of it, and became addicted to it.

A year came, a new iPhone was introduced (iPhone 5), and also ended up collecting different protective cases for such. Followed by iPhone 5S, I noticed that most protective cases this time was boring -same old material and color, -nothing special.

I began looking for cool protective cases online and made a collection of it. Friends would notice my beautiful iPhone cases and would later ask me to purchase for them as well. We would order different types of cases from abroad, and the cost of shipping of multiple items became not-so-practical and the thought of ordering a bunch of it and offered it to friends and colleagues would be a great idea.

My good sense of choosing a perfect phone case, combined with a good 'sellers' from abroad has led me to collect and obtain different types of products which would then, later led me to sell it to the Philippine market.

Along with Apples' iPhone flagship, my love for Apple products has never stopped -new iPads on different sizes were introduced, and the demand for iPad Cases grew. Apple products has become a lucrative business and so does the "accessories" for it.Techavenue was born 2014 to meet the demands of growing apple product accessories.

Techavenue, an online platform, offers a wide range of iPhone/iPad Cases, Adapters, Chargers, Cables, Powerbanks, and Applewatch Straps at a reasonable price. We've collected all the brand accessory products available in Asia Pacific just for you -Apple lovers! And true to our brand taglines, - "Great Finds on Mobile Accessories", here you will find only the best accessories for all your #Apple needs.